The Entomological Club
The Entomological Fund  is registered Charity no. 313386      
The Entomological Fund and grants therefrom
see also Verrall Supper Bursaries
Since 1927, the monetary assets of the Club are invested in The Entomological Fund, a registered charity of which the members of the Club are the Trustees.

The Fund has received its monies over the years by donations by Club members and others, interest from the investments and, periodically, a transfer from any accumulated reserves in the accounts of the Verrall Association of Entomologists.

The objectives of the Fund are “to further the charitable aims of the Entomological Club, including the making of grants, especially though not exclusively to amateurs, for entomological activities” and so the Entomological Club has a small income from investments available as research grants to help entomologists working on British insects

Applications for grants are invited by the Hon. Secretary of the Entomological Club, Dr Chris Lyal.

Grants do not normally exceed £400 per applicant, and preference is given to small equipment items and to work likely to lead to publication.

Applications may be submitted at any time, and will be considered by the members of the Club at their next meeting (the Club usually meets twice a year).  Applications should give details of the work proposed as well as the specific item or purpose for which the grant is sought. Applicants are encouraged also to submit the names and addresses of one or two referees acquainted with their work.
Miriam Rothschild chairing a business meeting
Assembling for a meeting in Dorset, 2014
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