The Entomological Club
The Entomological Fund  is registered Charity no. 313386      

In  2010, Professor Kim of South Korea gave money for bursaries that would help students attend the Supper.  

In 2012, to mark the retirement of Prof. Helmut van Emden as Verrall Association Secretary for 40 years, the Entomological Club established the “van Emden Bursary Fund” to provide a limited number of grants for early-career entomologists to attend the Verrall Supper. From these funds, the Entomological Club awards a small number of bursaries to registered students and other early-career entomologists.  The aim of the scheme is to introduce to the Verrall Association promising young entomologists who are likely thereafter to wish to continue their membership themselves. A bursary funds a one year membership of the Association and the Supper, as well as up to £40 of any travelling expenses incurred. Perhaps more importantly, the award recognises merit, and can be included on future CVs.

           Proposals for bursaries must come from academic supervisors or other relevant managers with some standing in entomology, and proposals should be submitted to by 10th February.

          There is no prescribed format for proposals. One side of A4 may be enough, and the following list gives guidance as to what might be included:
        Name, date of birth, postal and e-mail address of  person proposed.
      Subject of research study or other entomological  work, stage reached, source of funding and achievements so far, evaluation of future promise.
       Any evidence of interest in entomology at an earlier age and any previous practical involvement in the subject.    
Verrall Supper Bursaries
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