The Entomological Club
The Entomological Fund  is registered Charity no. 313386      
1788 Linnean Society founded.

1826 Entomological Club founded by George Samouelle, Abraham Davies, Samuel Hanson and Edward Newman.

1832 Membership raised to agreed total of eight by inviting William Bennett,  John Curtis, James Bowerbank and Francis Walker.
     Societé entomologique de France founded.

1833 Royal Entomological Society founded.

1836 First code of laws of the Club prepared with requirement that members live in or near London.

1856 Membership increased to nine.

1866 Requirement of residence in or near London dropped

1887 Verrall Supper founded

1898 Membership reverted to eight.

1924 Laws changed to provide for honorary membership, originally as a precursor to full membership.
     Club decides to abandon its collections; material donated to the Hope Department at Oxford, and the Natural History Museum.

1927 Entomological Fund set up.
The founder of the Ckub
George Samouelle -
founder of the
Entomological Club
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