The Entomological Club
The Entomological Fund  is registered Charity no. 313386      
Summary of Constitution
At a business meering
A field meeting
The Club and guests at lunch

The objects of the Entomological Club are to bring together entomologists in social gathering by holding meetings for the discussion of entomological subjects and to do any other thing that may be conducive to the advancement of entomological science.

The size of the Club is limited to eight regular members. Vacancies are filled by invitation. The Club may elect Honorary Members from among those that resign. Membership does not require a subscription, neither may members benefit financially from the assets of the Club.

Members take turns in hosting meetings of the Club and the host acts as Chair of the Business Meeting. Whether the meeting is at one’s home, a hotel, a pub  or has a field meeting associated with it, is the host’s choice.

The Officers of the Club are an Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer - the posts may be combined.   All Members are Trustees of the Entomological Fund, and the first meeting of the Club in each calendar year is the Annual Meeting of the Trustees.

One Member acts as ‘Verrall Supper Member’  and  as Hon. Secretary/ Treasurer of the Verrall Association of Entomologists.

In the event of the winding-up of the Club, all assets shall be transferred to one or more entomological societies with charitable aims. The Members of the Club will determine such transfer(s).
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