The Entomological Club
The Entomological Fund  is registered Charity no. 313386      
At a Field Meeting in 1939
A field meeting of the Club in 1939
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1938 Resolution that women should definitely be excluded from Club meetings following their invitation by Philip Graves to a dinner in 1937.

1963 Entomological fund achieves charitable status.

1965 Matter of Club membership of ladies again raised and again dismissed.

1966 Lady entomologists admitted to the Verrall Supper.

1967 The matter of Club membership of ladies again raised, this time successfully: Dr Miriam Rothschild elected a full member of the Club.

1980s  Spouses invited to the social part of Club meetings.

1987 Centenary Verrall Supper.  
     First Entomological Club Conference on  Ecology of Insect Introductions.

1992 Lapse of charitable status of Entomological Fund due to correspondence not being forwarded.

1997  Second Entomological Club Conference on Insect and Bird Interactions.

1998 Dr Miriam Rothschild elected first Honorary President of the Club.

2003 Charitable status of Entomological Club restored.

The Entomological Club and Verrall Supper. A History (1826-2004)
by Pamela Gilbert O. B. E., was published by the Club. The book is some 80 pages with many illustrations.
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At a  field meeting of the Club in 2014
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