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The 2018 meeting of the  Verrall Association of  Entomologists was held at the Rembrandt Hotel, South Kensington, on Wednesday 7th March 2018, and as usual we were delighted to welcome visitors­ from the USA –  Prof. & Mrs Tom Miller (University of California, Riverside), Prof. Steve Clement (Washington State University) & Dr Rufus Isaacs (Michigan State University, The Club also welcomed a group of Italian forensic entomologists currently at the University of Huddersfield - Jennifer Pradelli, Fabiola Tuscia, Stefano Vanin and Georgia Giordani. Georgia attended as a special guest of the club, having been awarded a van Emden Bursary, The menu for the evening was a pastrami and spicy salad starter, followed by a beautifully cooked lamb steak with a very, very chocolaty tart as dessert.  The next meeting of the Verrall Association will be at the Rembrandt Hotel on Wednesday 6th March 2019.

A Club meeting, hosted by Dr and Mrs Richard Lane was held at their home in Kilmington, Devon on Saturday 2nd June 2018. At lunch, a delicious selection of Indian food was followed by a passion fruit cream bavarois.  At the business meeting, the accounts and report to the Charity Commissioners were accepted, and the accounts for the 2018 Verrall Supper were tabled. Then members visited a “cottage industry” in the village, where insects are bred and processed as flour etc. Some resulting cakes were enjoyed, The next meeting of the Club will be in Cambridge on 1st December , hosted by Prof. And Mrs Paul Brakefield.

It is with much regret that the Club has to report the death of Dr Peter Edwards on 6th January 2018. Dr Edwards was elected to the Club in 1998 and became an Honorary Member when he resigned because of ill-health a few years ago,  Professionally a GP, he was a keen collector of moths, mainly from Europe. We extend our condolences to his wife Jane who, with Peter, enthusiastically hosted several  memorable Club meetings.
Verrall Supper 2018