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The Entomological Fund  is registered Charity no. 313386      
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The 2019 meeting of the Verrall Association of Entomologists was held at the Rembrandt Hotel, South Kensington, on Wednesday 6th March 2019, chaired by Prof. Paul Brakefield. We were delighted to welcome two overseas visitors – Dr Taisuko Kawano (Kyushu University Japan, currently visiting the Natural History Museum) and Prof. Steve Clement (Washington State University, USA).  This year Sridhar Halali of Cambridge University  had been awarded a van Emden Bursary to attend the evening. The menu for the evening was: starter - a smoked chicken and apricot tart or avocado, tomato and red onion salad, main course – escalop of chicken with a herb crust or aubergine filled with Mediterranean vegetable couscous; dessert – apple lattice tart.  The next meeting of the Verrall Association will be at the Rembrandt Hotel on Wednesday 4th March 2020.
Up to three Bursaries for early career entomologists are available.

Club meeting, hosted by Prof. and Mrs Paul Brakefield was held at Trinity College, Cambridge on 1st December 2018. A mackerel starter was followed by venison, with a baked fig tart crème patisserie for dessert. The business meeting was mainly concerned with the finances and arrngements fior future meetings. The next meeting of the Club will be in May 2019, hosted by Prof. and Mrs JeremyThomas.
Verrall Supper 2019